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Srauss Original Logo

Strauss valve amplification represents a slice of Australian Rock history. The story began in the early sixties when John Woodhead & Gary Nessel came together to form the Strauss Company in Melbourne, Australia.

Production began in 1962, with a variety of power amps and speaker cabinets becoming available to the local market. ‘The Lancer’ and ‘The Warrior’ were common place on stages around the country.

Billy Thorpe

Old Strauss Amp Bands such as Spectrum used “Minuet” PA column speaker’s. Each PA column housed four twelve inch speakers, and a pair of these would only just fit in the back of your Holden panel van.

Strauss amplifiers could be seen on stage at major music events across the country, such as Sunbury Rock Festival, which was Australia’s very own Woodstock. At Sunbury Billy Thorpe relied on the “thrust” of the 300w Warrior amp to send the message he was the loudest in the land . . . by far. A backline of Strauss amps could be seen across stage.

Old Strauss Amp

Production of the original Strauss amplifiers ceased in 1973, however the iconic brand is back and as loud as ever.

Today, Strauss amplifiers are distributed in Australia by Jade Australia. Jade also has its own place in Australian rock music history having manufactured amplification for over 35 years.

Although current Strauss amplifiers are no longer produced in Melbourne, design and testing of all Strauss products is overseen by a dedicated group of technicians and musicians right here in Australia.